About Us

Jeff and Vonna Cloninger are the owners of The Barn at Glady but the land/farm is owned by our son Jonah and his wife Christie Cloninger.

The History

The Cloningers are the owners of Biltmore Iron and Metal Co. (a family business in operation since 1951 - Vonna is the third generation and sons Blake and Jonah are the fourth generation). We are a close knit family that works together during the day and enjoys entertaining family and friends on nights and weekends. We invite you to come and enjoy our peaceful mountain farm!

The Clonginger Family

Jeff and Vonna needed a place to garage their many cars and Jonah and Christie agreed to have the garage built on their mountain farm in 2013. Jonah designed The Barn at Glady to include a barn to house his miniature donkeys, a heated and air conditioned garage for the cars, a kitchen large enough to house a corvette and two bathrooms! The wood for the barn was reclaimed from several of the hemlock trees on the farm that were infected by the wooly adelgid. The designed ended up being an 8,000 square foot building with a large rocking chair porch around it. We have hosted numerous parties and events of all sizes with our family and friends.

Friends Businesses


Your House of Flowers
7 Pisgah Highway
Candler, NC 28715
Phone: (828) 667-1194

Dog House Band
The Doghouse Band began playing for the love of music and has remained true with carrying out the bluegrass heritage that was brought to the Appalachian Mountains years ago.
Phone: (828) 337-9858


735 Upper Glady Fork Road, Candler NC 28715
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